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What We Do

CORE Missions is a mission board for national pastors. By partnering with foreign missionaries, and supporting national pastors, we are helping to reach remote villages with the Gospel of Christ.


When a partnership is established with a foreign missionary, that missionary recommends national pastors to CORE for representation. The amount of support needed, length of support needed, and other important details are given to us, by the missionary.


It is our desire for churches to be self-supporting.  We believe that the national pastor can establish such a ministry when they have consistent, monthly support.


Once support is established, CORE will send that support monthly, through the foreign missionary. We do not take a percentage, and we cover the cost to send the support.


CORE does not seek to have authority over the national pastor. We have learned that by sending the support through the missionary, the relationship with the missionary and national pastor is strengthened.


Members of the CORE team travel across America to represent, and raise support for the national pastors. This is done by speaking in churches, missions conferences, meeting with businesses, small groups, etc.


Several times a year members of the CORE team will travel overseas to meet with our currently supported pastors, and to meet with new pastors to be represented by CORE. We want to have a personal relationship with each pastor represented by CORE. The purpose of meeting with currently supported pastors is to offer any assistance needed, send back pictures and videos to their sponsor, and to provide ministry support.


The Reality of Missions

We believe that the world can literally be reached with the Gospel. When God gave His "Great Commission" in Matthew 28, we do not find a list of directions on how to reach the world for Christ. He didn't give this command and then tell us how to complete this command. However, for far too long, American missions has been done the same way. Yes, there are some variations, but we have been sticking to the same script, for the most part. If the world was going to be reached with the Gospel by the efforts of American missionaries, it would have happened by now. American missionaries are rapidly leaving the field, far more than are going to the field. When the world is growing by 80 million people a year, we are unquestionably loosing ground. We believe that by helping the national pastor, your missions money can go much further, for a lot less. On average, national pastors represented by CORE can live on just 3% of what the foreign missionary needs.


Our Partnership with National Pastors

While it is not impossible for foreign missionaries to reach the entire world, it is very unlikely. If we believe that the Gospel can reach every corner of the world, we have to be willing to equip the Bible preaching men living in those corners. When CORE supports a pastor in a foreign land, we do not claim them as one of "our" men. No matter from where the funds come, they are God's man - we just have the privilege of assisting them in their calling.


Our Relationship with Foreign Missionaries

Our partnership with the national pastor does not negate our relationship with the foreign missionary. In fact, each national pastor represented by CORE must be recommended to us by a foreign missionary. We believe the foreign missionary is vital in completing God's great command. We seek council from each missionary on how much each of their pastors need on a monthly basis, how long they should receive support, etc.

What we do

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Equipping missionaries, supporting national pastors, reaching remote villages with the Gospel of Christ.

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