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Financial Policy

100% of designated funds are given to that cause. CORE does not charge a processing fee, and we even cover the costs of sending the funds. You can be confident that a supported pastor is getting 100% of the support you send.


CORE's operational expenses are paid for by non-designated financial gifts, or fundraising by the CORE team.


To the Sponsor

Each time support is given to the national pastor, CORE will receive an Accountability Report documenting what has been accomplished through that pastor, since the last support was given. These reports are reviewed by the CORE staff, inspecting for inconsistencies, translated, posted to our website, and then are sent to the sponsor.


To the Board

CORE Missions is not a "one man show." CORE's board meets regularly to discuss ways to improve the ministry, reviews the finances, as well as discusses future ministry opportunities. Each board member has access to the financial records of CORE Missions, and is asked to review these finances. Besides financial oversight, the board is asked to help lead CORE Missions.


To the National Pastor

When CORE partners with a national pastor, CORE commits to represent that pastor in America. The first goal is to acquire the funds necessary for the pastor to effectively serve the Lord in his particular country. Once monthly support is acquired, CORE will communicate with the sponsor on behalf of the national pastor.


To the Missionary

Each national pastor represented by CORE is recommended by a foreign missionary. While CORE does not represent these missionaries, we do strive to assist them in their ministry.


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